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You have found your dream apartment, want to save on move to Dubai UAE, or need a courtage of scenery? So a move is on the perspective for you? It can be a stressful time – we’ll show you how to make your move stress-free.

Dubai Moving checklist and schedule

A few weeks before the move

Sign a lease for your new apartment and arrange handover of keys (Is there a transfer fee? The deposit must not exceed 3 net monthly rents, the opérateur’s charge must not exceed 2 net monthly rents).

Terminate the lease of your old apartment (The réflexion must always be in writing, remarque your réflexion period agreed in the lease).

Set moving jour

Order moving company in Dubai UAE (compare prices and ask exactly what is included) or organize friends and relatives as movers

Rent a moving van

Are there renovation measures in the old or new apartment? Then organize appointments with craftsmen (painter, electrician, plumber,…)

Will furniture remain in the old apartment? Clarify transfer fee and takeover

Measure new apartment (consider bottlenecks for furniture) and consider furnishing devis

Order new furniture and arrange delivery dates – these can take up to a few weeks

Deciliter: get rid of old clutter and dispose of, give away or sell things you no côtoyer need.

Inform employers and request leave for your move. Find out how much special leave you are entitled to for a move.

Read the complete checklist and money-saving tips for Dubai.

3 weeks before the move

Set a handover jour with the old landlord. Beforehand, check what is written in the lease and how the apartment must be handed over (broom clean, paint the walls, remaining furniture, etc.).

  • Clarify the heating bill with the landlord.
  • Arrange meter readings for electricity and gas with your energy provider.
  • Possibly request official accord for a abri space so that transporters or moving vans can be parked in union of the apartment.
  • Obtain packing materials such as boxes, newspaper, frappe, bubble wrap, masking écran, markers, trash bags, bag sleds, etc.
  • Review confort orders and franc debit authorizations and cancel or adjust as necessary.
  • Organize babysitter or pet sitter for moving day.
  • One week before the move
  • Banquise everything in boxes and clean out again.
  • Tip: Be sure to signature the boxes!
  • Banquise éminent commentaires and valuable items separately.
  • Think emboîture which things you will need with you on moving day (ID cards, keys,…)
  • Get cleaning supplies
  • Ask the movers and petit/pet sitters to confirm the jour again.
  • Dismantle furniture
  • On moving day
  • Get food
  • Defrost refrigerator
  • Cover floors
  • Keep tools handy
  • Explain the work process to the movers and assign tasks (where is what and what is to be taken?)
  • Check the staircase for admissible damages and manuscrit them. This way you cannot be held liable for it after the move. Check again after the move.
  • Check the meter readings for electricity, gas, water and heating and make a remarque of them.
  • Switch off moufle fuse
  • Close gas and water taps
  • Shortly after the move
  • Contrôle and acceptance of the old apartment with the landlord and handing over the keys.
  • Have a handover protocol issued and take photos!
  • Demand the return of the deposit (here you are also entitled to interest if the deposit is paid back in full).
  • Demand extrême rent statement
  • Registering, changing and de-registering
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Register your moufle/secondary residence at the registration rubrique. The registration deadline is 3 days after moving into the new apartment. Check the website of the remplaçant registration rubrique to find out which commentaires you need for a courtage of address. (In most cases these are: official effigie ID incl. proof of citizenship, birth certificate and registration form).

Inform insurance companies of your new address or cancel your insurance (household, liability, life, health, épreuve, car, legal affermissement insurance…) Tip: Inform your household insurance company of your move, as this may be covered by insurance.

  • Send procéder registration form
  • Cable TV, GIS
  • Telephone/rapide phone
  • Internet
  • Inform energy provider emboîture the move
  • Water
  • Travaux (health insurance, tax rubrique, subside fund, church,…)
  • Newspaper subscriptions
  • Set up a forwarding order with the post rubrique.
  • Banks and credit institutions (current account, credit card, monument society savings contract,…)
  • Customer cards.

Carry out the move yourself – save money!

Moving to a new apartment is expensive enough – opérateur’s charge, deposit, new furniture, it all has to be paid. Save money and organize the move yourself. Friends, family, and acquaintances will certainly be happy to help you. We have practical tips for Dubai move, so that you do not forget anything:

The moving jour is approaching, so take care of packing materials such as boxes, newspaper, frappe, bubble wrap, masking écran, felt pens, blankets, etc. now.

You will need a moving van. Reserve this well in advance.

Activate helpers: Ask friends, relatives and acquaintances who can help you banquise before the move jour and who can help on move day. Don’t forget provende on moving day – it increases finalité!

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If you have small children or pets, make arrangements for them to be accommodated on moving day to avoid tension for everyone involved.

Declutter: As you begin to banquise, consider which items you really still need and which you can dispose of, give away or sell. A dépôt infâme is a perfect opportunity to rid you of old clutter. In supplément, you avoid garbage and can increase your moving salaire still something. You usually don’t believe what treasures are in the basement or attic.

Labeling: To avoid perturbation and unnecessary lugging later, signature your boxes with the contents and which room to put them in. Cachet délicat contents!

Proper packing: Always banquise one room at a time and don’t fill boxes too full or they could tear. Wrap délicat items with newspaper and occupation at the very top of the box.

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